I was one of the extras in a movie called 'The Explosive Generation'    starring William Shatner. (1962)    As you pro
I was one of the extras in a movie called "The Explosive Generation" starring William Shatner. (1962) As you probably were aware parts of it were filmed at Mesa High. Maybe even you were in it too! A friend was able to find the movie on Amazon and surprised me with it this past Christmas. I really enjoyed watching it. I thought you might like to know that it exists and can be found on Amazon for anyone interested. I've attached a screen shot off of the movie screen. I'm in the black and white (lol)shirt next to the title. We were a bunch of good looking teenagers! Aloha, Fred Anderson - MHS Class of 63
October 17, 2010


Dick Clark, Entertainment icon (nicknamed Americas Oldest Teenager) Dick passed away on April 18th 2012 at 82. We grew up with American Bandstand and Dick Clark. He will be missed by many.
American Bandstand began as a local Philadelphia show called Bandstand. It debuted on October 13, 1952 on WFIL-TV Channel 6. It became "American Bandstand" on August 5, 1957 when ABC began broadcasting the series nationwide. For its first 6 seasons, American Bandstand aired Mondays through Fridays. On September 7, 1963, it became a once-a-week series airing Saturday afternoons. A few months later, on February 8, 1964, the show itself moved from its home in Philadelphia, PA to its new home in Los Angeles. But despite the changes, American Bandstand's fans remained loyal to the series, which continued to present the latest music and dances. It even inspired another long-running dance show, Soul Train, which is still running today.



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