I was one of the extras in a movie called 'The Explosive Generation'    starring William Shatner. (1962)    As you pro
I was one of the extras in a movie called "The Explosive Generation" starring William Shatner. (1962) As you probably were aware parts of it were filmed at Mesa High. Maybe even you were in it too! A friend was able to find the movie on Amazon and surprised me with it this past Christmas. I really enjoyed watching it. I thought you might like to know that it exists and can be found on Amazon for anyone interested. I've attached a screen shot off of the movie screen. I'm in the black and white (lol)shirt next to the title. We were a bunch of good looking teenagers! Aloha, Fred Anderson - MHS Class of 63
January 28, 2011

Judy Newton Wise


Judy Newton Wise is a classmate and very successful/talented artist. She also teaches others. Now about to be a great author. Her book is #39 on Amazon and will not be released until May.



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