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Kathy (Van Loo) Rons
Posted on the 2022-08-19 at 20:00
Hi, I am from the Class of '73 and found this website tonight.  I was recently eleccted to the Board of Directors of the Jackrabbit Alumni Foundation.  We are working on a data base and website that will be linked to from the current Mesa High School website.  We are a non-profit.  I would like to engage with your reuion chair or the website director to inquire if we could get your classmate data to incororate into our alumni database.  We would keep all data confidential and also allow alumni to opt out if they don't wish to be a part of the main database. Kathy (Van Loo) Rons, class of '73
Posted on the 2020-04-26 at 20:00
I love this site Thanks.
Corinne Goates Thomas
Posted on the 2013-04-19 at 20:00
Corinne Goates Thomas
Posted on the 2013-01-18 at 19:00
I would like to express my appreciation to all of those that volunteer their time, talents, and energy into creating this web site. It is AWESOME and so detailed. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for all of your hard work. You are exceptional!
Posted on the 2012-12-07 at 19:00
Hello, I am actually from the Class of \'71, but have greatly enjoyed reading all these old memories of growing up in Mesa. One memory I would like to add: when large herds of sheep would be run down Main Street, usually early on a weekend morning; as they were moved from winter to summer grazing pastures. The street was a huge mess for what seemed like days.
Thanks again for the memories.
Nick Page
Mike LeSueur
Posted on the 2012-09-13 at 20:00
Married Carolyn Moore, (MHS class of \'65) sister of Allen Moore (MHS class of \'61). Didn\'t know I was lost; but now that I\'m found, Looking forward to attending the BIG 50th.

Posted on the 2012-06-08 at 20:00

Hi, Tonya,

Glad to know the date of the reunion. Thanks to the committee for its work. 

Phil and I checked into the Mesa Hilton this evening for the Morenci-Clifton High Schools reunion this weekend. Popular place as weeks ago the MHS-CHS reunion committee had to turn away some potential registrants as only 400 could be accomodated. Fire marshall rules, I think. Luckily, we registered with the committee early enough. 

Barbara  Ferguson

Bob Burns
Posted on the 2012-05-23 at 20:00
The Class of 62 50th Reunion
will be held on 10/12/12
(Cheyrl (Burleson) Jones
is heading our
steering committee)
Bob Burns
Posted on the 2012-05-23 at 20:00
What a great web site...we are planning our 50th
Class of 62, Mesa High, and sure hope we can
create something this good for our classmates...
kudos to Tonya and committee...Bob Burns 
Sandy Cowen
Posted on the 2012-05-23 at 20:00
The MHS Class of 62 is having a 50th reunion.  Website is The reunion is October 12th and 13th
For more info please contact them 
Kay Hedges
Bruce Mord
Posted on the 2012-03-08 at 19:00

Scott Deitz
Posted on the 2011-01-29 at 19:00
     It was good to see some familiar faces after all these years.  I had to move back to California to help on the farm.  I finished High School in Woodlake , Calif; Jr College at COS in Visalia, Ca; then, Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo.  I\'ve farmed, drove an asphalt spreader for Hawker and Evans in Mesa, (the 80\'s), and worked in the Lumberyard/Doorshop world. I\'m married
and retired ; blended family of 5 kids; with
14 grandkids (also blended).  We live just south of Redding Ca.
Paul D. Baker
Posted on the 2011-01-20 at 19:00
I guess Facebook really works! Now retired from Motorola where I designed systems for over 30 years, I look forward to seeing my old classmates.
Laura (Lolly) Hughes Shaw
Posted on the 2010-12-15 at 19:00
 I graudated from MHS in 1957. I have lost all contacts with former classmates. I would enjoy hearing from any of them. I lived east of Mesa on the Apache Trail. My parents owned & operated a Gas Station, Grocery Store & Trailer Park. I haven\'t been back to AZ since 2007. I still have an older sister living on the trail.
Good Luck on the 50th Class of 60
Posted on the 2010-10-14 at 20:00
  • Note from the Class of 60
  • Great website for your class!  Love the music too.
Just to let you know we changed our reunion to the
Superstition Springs Country Club.  It will be next
Friday and Saturday  (Oct. 22 and 23) 
O. Katie (Judah) Elkin
Co Chair Reunion Committee
Class of 1960 MHS

The Class of 63 is wishing the Class of 60 a great 50th Reunion!! 
Lorrie S.
Posted on the 2010-06-01 at 20:00
 I recently was looking on the internet for reunion information and came across your web page.  Love it!  Is there any way you could help me make one for my class of 1979 Mountain View Toro\'s?  Also, to note before Salk elementary school was built in east mesa we were transported to old mesa high and went there.  I remember the school well, especially the gym.
Please let me know if you would be able to guide me in making such a great website as yours.
Thank you,
Lorrie S.
Posted on the 2010-03-20 at 20:00
 MHS Class of 61 is planning a reunion for the weekend of Oct. 15th 2011.. For more info please email this link.
Posted on the 2010-03-18 at 20:00
Merle Halls class of 62
Posted on the 2010-02-24 at 19:00
 This is a great site.  Very well done!  I looked through it and was really amazed at the quality of leaders in this class.  It was a great class and includes many old friends that I have not seen for years.
Posted on the 2010-02-15 at 19:00
A classmate is looking for Jim Sutterby and another is looking for Robin Farnsworth. Does anyone have info on these people? 
Posted on the 2009-12-18 at 19:00
Isn't it a wonderful thing you have done with the photos and so great to have the internet in our day. Could you lead me to my own class photos, site, etc. I was born in 53 went to Alma School, new Lincoln School - not the one by Mesa High.
Good luck and thanks either way
Posted on the 2009-11-28 at 19:00
Looking for Ed Robinson and Ralgh Emans's email addressess.
Posted on the 2009-10-09 at 20:00

We are so excited about our groundbreaking ceremony this tuesday, October 13th at 9am, that we decided to give the first 100 people that show up something special to remember the occasion. Our supply is limited, so when we run out then we're out. So show up at Mesa Riverview at 9am! If you're not sure where we are, we are on the corner across from Toby Keith's place.

Also, I wanted to give everyone the link to an article about the new Matta's on the City of Mesa Website.
Click here to read it

Janice Branham
Posted on the 2009-09-22 at 20:00
Saw a picture of sister Geneva on website.She and husband of 46 in oregon.Have 4 children /5 grandchildren...
Would also like to ask Nadine if she remembers our
brother David Branham.He passed away in 2000. We lived out close to Apache Junction,also on South Allen for a while.Family lived across from Old Main after  we 3 oldest married and left Mesa.
Mike Woods
Posted on the 2009-09-12 at 20:00
This web site has everything. It is... the spirit of MHS!   My sister is Diane Woods (KARKOSKY)
I'm her little brother,Mike. Class of 1969.
Thank you Tonya, for putting together this GREAT website. I love coming home from work and listening to the song's and  looking at the picture's. And I do remember the words to our school song, CARRY ON.
Ted Hanson
Posted on the 2009-08-28 at 20:00
Hi I am from MHS  class of 64 but had lots of buddies in the 63 class.  I am wanting to hear from Spencer Fry and Gary Thompson.  Hey guys lets get together and talk about old times what do you say?.
sandi dorsett dugger glittenberg
Posted on the 2009-08-13 at 20:00
Hello to all Miss everyone and hope to see all at next reunion if not before.

Posted on the 2009-08-10 at 20:00
Posted on the 2009-08-07 at 20:00
Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. The weather is great up in Bellemont were we have lived for past 3-4 yrs. (10 miles west of Flagstaff off I-40.
Sorry to here about Brent we were best friends in Jr. high, a great guy!
Collis Lovely
Anna Trump
Posted on the 2009-07-26 at 20:00
I am looking for my Father. He went to Mesa High in the first to middle 60s. He married a woman named Maloy Allen. His name was Robert Giulliard or Drilliard or something to that effect. My Mom's name was Mary Albright and attended Saint Mary's high in Phoenix. If anyone has any year books from around that time could see if they could find him and the correct spelling of his name or anyone that knew him or even of him I would so greatly appreciate any information. I would really love to see a picture of him too. Please help....
Anna Trump
Posted on the 2009-07-25 at 20:00

Gordon Woods
Posted on the 2009-07-19 at 20:00
Terrific web site.  I am class of 53 and have a Grandaughter that graduated 50 years later, class of 2003. Tiffany Woods) Serendipitous huh.
Sandra Dorsett
Posted on the 2009-04-28 at 20:00
hi to all Sorry i missed the reunion BUT I was in Anartica and then on a 2 year assignment to Far East with Net Jets
Have since retired till Nov this year then back to work I mis flying so much. I have made it to all 7 continents . Never thought a girl from Mesa would make it that far.
I love the photos , you all are blessed. See ya at the nest
keep in touch
heather danburg
Posted on the 2009-04-06 at 20:00
hey my dad graduated in 1975 and has never recieved anything about a reunion. at his time in life if i was able to help him find some of his old  friends that would help out so much. his name is jeff danburg.
thank you heather danburg
Email received from Shawn Rodgers
Posted on the 2009-03-30 at 20:00

I noticed that my Uncles name is in the list of lost Alumni but not in the list of past away alumni.  Gary Tracht passed away over 10 year’s ago from heart related problems.  Just thought I’d give you an update. 

Thank You

Shawn Rodgers

Nadine Arney
Posted on the 2009-02-27 at 19:00
Absolutely love your website and reading about all my "upper classmen and women".  It's the best I've seen.

Nadine Arney
Class of 1965
Jackie Cates Hart
Posted on the 2009-02-18 at 19:00
I wish I could have been there for the reuion but things do not always work out the way we would like. I think this is the greastest thing to have this page going.  We have a great class. It would be wonderful to see everyone again. Thankyou for  having a place to  share our thoughts.
Katie Dunford Moyers
Posted on the 2009-01-16 at 19:00
Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed this website!!!!!  I think that at the next reunion that Tonya should be given some kind of award for all the work she does.  I wasn't able to attend the 45th but will be at the 50th.  Thank you Tonya for all that you do and keep up the good work.
Email received from Amy Ridings and Patrick Sciannelia
Posted on the 2008-12-19 at 19:00
 We are musicians working as artists-in-residence at Creighton school in Phoenix.  A copy of an old "school song" has been discovered under the authorship of a Francis H. Feeney.  Our research has led us to discover that this gentleman taught at Mesa HS from 1942-65.  If you have any memories, we would appreciate hearing from you.  Thank you so much for your time...
Amy Ridings and Patrick Sciannella
Double Play flute and tuba
Aaron Coleman
Posted on the 2008-11-13 at 19:00
I am one of Jack Coleman's sons. (Jack passed away in 1978)   If you were a friend of his please contact me if you have some free time.  I'd love to learn more about him through your experiences.  Thanks.

Aaron Coleman
Melvin Perkins
Posted on the 2008-11-02 at 19:00
Thank you for all your great work on the website for our Mesa High Reunion and the photo albums shown there.  I wish that I would have been able to attend, but almost I feel that I was a part of this wonderful event as I happily view the photos of that evening and also see the other pictures that take me down "memory lane".

Mel Perkins
George (Spike) Bliss
Posted on the 2008-11-02 at 19:00

Hi Tonya – 

Thank you and the rest of the Committee for an outstanding job! I certainly enjoyed the event. Let me now if I can help with the next one – maybe a 65th Birthday party?

George (Spike) Bliss


Scarlett Lattin Crum
Posted on the 2008-11-02 at 19:00
Thank you for the Reunion book, we had plans to come but Jack was in the middle of a project and didn't want to quit, sure hope everyone had a great time.  The web site is teriffic who ever set it all up is a genius!  Thanks again to everyone! 
Scarlett Lattin Crum
Deanne Merritt
Posted on the 2008-10-31 at 20:00

Dear Classmates, the Reunion looks like it was really great!  Wish I could have been there.  I been looking at the album photos and enjoying see you in pitures. 
      Thanks to the many people that made this all possiable. The web site is amazing, and hope it will stay up for always with new info of all our classmates.for years to come.  The memory book will always be a treasure to me.
      I realize how much I missed not being there, and I will be there for sure for the next reunion.
Deanne Merritt Pepera

June Clabaugh
Posted on the 2008-10-12 at 20:00
The reunion sounds  like such a gala event .  Gary and I hate missing it.  There's no denying the great job done by all those who put this together!  We hope to see everyone next time around.
Loads of Love to All,
Gary and June
Email received from Linda Smith Ramirez
Posted on the 2008-10-04 at 20:00
I won't be able to attend the reunion this time.  My daughter-in-law is scheduled to deliver her baby on that day.  I would like to receive information on future happenings with Mesa High.   
I hope everyone has a great time. 
Linda (Smith) Ramirez

Email received from Melvin Perkins
Posted on the 2008-09-28 at 20:00
Dear Judy,
Thank you so much for all you do.  It looks as if (at this point) we will not be able to attend the upcoming reunion.  I had really been looking forward to attending and seeing all of you again. However, I have a Church assignment for a Stake reorganization in Spokane, WA on that weekend.   Please tell everyone hello for me.
Mel Perkins
Dianne McVey Rokey
Posted on the 2008-09-28 at 20:00
Sorry to say I cannot attend this reunion as I had hoped to.  Friends we had made previous travel plans with could not rearrange their schedule, so I will be in Virginia Beach during the reunion.  However, now that I see 95% of the vote is for every 5 years, I will definitely plan to attend the next reunion then!  Have a great time getting reacquainted and making new memories to share.  My best to you all!
Email received from LaGail Berger Damrom
Posted on the 2008-09-28 at 20:00

 Thank you so much for all of the
e-mails concerning the reunion. I will not be making the trip from Dallas this year, but have submitted info for the memory book and will get my check for it in the mail today. The MHS website is wonderful. I appreciate all of the work many of you have done on the website and planning the reunion.
Have lots of fun and make some great memories. Hope to see you next time.

LaGail Damron

Jackie Brantley
Posted on the 2008-09-27 at 20:00
Hi Everyone
Thanks for keeping me updated on the reunion. I will not be able to attend. I would love to see everyone. I have not been to any of the reunions. Maybe next time. The website is wonderful!!!
Email received from Barbara Ferguson Davidson
Posted on the 2008-09-22 at 20:00
I continue to be AMAZED at the wonderful website you've created! Not amazed that you could do it, but amazed that anyone would make such a gift to the class as I'm sure it was very time-consuming.
Marilyn Tefftellter Crofford
Posted on the 2008-09-22 at 20:00
To all the Class of 63, committee members, I want to thank you for all you've done on our 45th reunion. It is going to be great,and the place is wonderful,we all will enjoy it. Tonya the web site is great,thank you so very much. I enjoy surfing it and reading about the classmates.  Thank You all again. Marilyn
Email received from Eric Zenk
Posted on the 2008-09-11 at 20:00
Dear  Classmates,

Although I will not be able to attend the reunion, I wish all of you a wonderful time.  You have done a great job putting everything together.
Eric Zenk

Email received from Marcia Chalk Wade
Posted on the 2008-09-10 at 20:00

I am coming to the 45th and I am really excited to see everyone.  It has been 15 years since the 30th and that was the last one I was able to attend.  You guys have done an incredible job with the website, the planning and connecting with everyone.  It will be great to see you again.  
Carry on,
Marcia (Chalk)

Bob Christie
Posted on the 2008-09-07 at 20:00

I'll be at the reunion and hopefully be able to greet everyone. I didn't do very well at the sixty party...couldn't recognize very many but I'm doing my homework this time around. It'll be good to see y'all again and hopefully recognize a few.(the only thing the same about me is I'm still 6'2'')

Email received from Sharon Legge
Posted on the 2008-09-06 at 20:00
Comments: To all the committee,
What an incredible job you've done on this site and the preparations for the reunion.  Thank you so much for all the time and caring you have put into this endeavor!
I'm looking forward to the reunion and thanking you all in person.
Sharon Legge
Darvil West
Posted on the 2008-09-06 at 20:00
The truth is, it was Byke Bennet and myself that was the first to bring the alligators to the school, and turn them loose in the irrigation on the front lawn.
The class of 64 boys were foolish enough to take them out and get thier pictures taken.
But that was all the bad deeds I did during school hours. 
Well maybe except when  ......
Pat Douglass Brooks
Posted on the 2008-08-27 at 20:00
I'm so excited to get to see some high school classmates, Tanya, you've done  a great job and you've put in a lot of work on this project.   Thanks, and  Thanks for keeping in touch with me.  The reunion will be fun for everyone. 
Linda S, I'll see ya soon.  I am still looking for Jody Greer, does anyone know where she is?   (I quit playing tennis and now my granddaughters are taking tennis lessons.) 
Kari LeSueur
Posted on the 2008-08-23 at 20:00
 My fellow jackrabbits, I am currently a student council member  at Mesa High. We are planning our Homecoming week already with an old,  action film/ Hollywood theme (still havent decided on a title). I noticed  that your reunion is the same weekend as our Homecoming festivities. I'd  like to invite your entire class to our Homecoming game that Friday at 7pm 
(Jackrabbit football field)as well as the parade and carnival (in the Mesa  High parking lot) right before. Also, as head of the Homecoming Assembly, 
I'd absolutely LOVE if any of you would come to our assembly as special  guests. You would have a front row seat with other alumni, and a short  speaking part (just telling your name, graduating class, and favorite MHS  memory). "Homecoming" time is all about our alumni and current students  coming together and showing all of Arizona that NOBODY has as much undying  spirit and tradition as Mesa High School. Please let me know ASAP if any  of you can attend any of these events. We'd love to have you! 
Kari  LeSueur  (class of '09)
Carry on!
Dianne McVey Rokey
Posted on the 2008-08-22 at 20:00
Isn't technology wonderful, what an amazing job all of you dedicated classmates have done over the many reunions to keep our MHS'63 together and informed about each other,  We all owe you a great debt of gratitude... THANX!
Gary Van Sickle
Posted on the 2008-08-22 at 20:00
Great web site gang. Hoping to renuite with old friends and classmates at the 45th 
Jo Buffington Luttringer
Posted on the 2008-08-20 at 20:00
Sorry I can't attend but wishing everyone a Happy 45th!  See you at 50, for sure.  The website is such fun!  Thank you're the best
Jancey Sumrall Holley
Posted on the 2008-08-16 at 20:00
I would like to find Karen Knight and Pat Sluder . I see where they are on the missing list. Can anyone help?
Thank you,
Norman Leppla
Posted on the 2008-08-15 at 20:00
Hi Tonya and Committee,
Thanks for all your efforts to organize and publicize our 45th class reunion.  Unfortunately, Carol (my wife) and I will not be able to attend. 
You really did a masterful job of creating the website.
Hope to see you and my other classmates in future years.
Jane Johnson Rasmussen
Posted on the 2008-08-03 at 20:00
Thanks for all the info on the reunion. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend due to a family obligation that weekend.
You guys are doing a great job of planning and I know it is going to be wonderful.  Best wishes with all your reunion plans!
Bonnie,Carol and Lauren on vacation in Oceanside, Ca
Posted on the 2008-07-27 at 20:00

Hi Tanya, 
We are here enjoying the class website remembering all the good times at the reunions---we can't remember the high school days.  Anyway, you and the rest of the committee have done a fantastic job of preparing the info for the reunion, and we appreciate it.  Thank you so much. 
Bonnie Brennan Puckett
Carol James and Lauren Thompson


Email Received from Elmer Trone
Posted on the 2008-07-06 at 20:00
Much as I would like to attend this October, I must regretfully decline. My wife is not in the best of health, and travel is not easily done. It would be good to get back to Mesa and see old friends again.
Thanks for the invitation,
Elmer Trone
Email received from Len Blackburn
Posted on the 2008-07-04 at 20:00

Thanks for keeping all of us informed. I just moved back to Mesa last week, when I get settled will fill out the "stuff" and looking forward to seeing members of the best graduating class ever.


Leonard Blackburn

Patricia A Douglass Brooks
Posted on the 2008-06-30 at 20:00
Hope to see everyone at the Reunion,especially  Linda S., Corrine G., Trish P, Tonya C. , and more.  This will be my first class reunion that I will attend.  I am so excited!
Mike Warner
Posted on the 2008-06-28 at 20:00
I plan on attending the reunion depending upon business committments.
Lolly Call
Posted on the 2008-06-27 at 20:00

Email received from Gary Metheny
Posted on the 2008-06-24 at 20:00
Great website.  I'd like to come to the reunion and am working it out.  The 60th thing at the Monastary was fun.  I have a house at Alta Mesa Park Links like really nearby.
Sandra (Bain) Kaczor
Posted on the 2008-06-20 at 20:00
Hi Tonya, 

Thanks for keeping me posted on the Class Reunion. Unfortunately, Harry and I won't be able to leave Canada sooner than the end of October, so won't be able to attend the reunion. Hopefully, we shall still be alive and kicking for the 50th or whenever you have another one. It has been nice to know there has been interest in getting together. Sorry we won't be able to go to the reunion this time. 
"Carry On" Mesa High, 

Sandy (Bain) Kaczor
Sylvia Boren Wallin
Posted on the 2008-06-08 at 20:00
Hi Judy,
  It was fun getting the reunion announcement - however, I will not be able to attend. I will be out of town. I'm going to pick up my son from his mission in Paris at exactly that time. I wasn't able to attend the last one because I'd gone to watch another son play football for ASU in Oregon... timing. huh? It would be wonderful to see everyone again and to catch up- hopefully by the time the next one rolls around I'll be able to come. Please tell everyone hello from me, ok
Much love, Sylvia Boren Wallin
Email received from Ed Ellis
Posted on the 2008-06-08 at 20:00
Hi Tonya,

I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, married with 4 sons. I am a physician working in infectious diesease control at the Public Health Agency of Canada, which is Canada's CDC.

I will not be able to attend the reunion.

Thanks for tracking me down!

Ed Ellis
Posted on the 2008-05-29 at 20:00
GREAT JOB, Tonya,  the web site looks good  hope the others like it and will tell others about it.  Thank you for doing it.  See you at the reunion.